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Fend off grass seed feeders

by admin on February 20, 2013

Trying to grow grass can be the bane of anyone’s existence as pest control experts all know firsthand. You find yourself putting more effort into your lawn than some people put in at the gym, so darn it! You want results! But after weeks of strategically placing grass seed throughout your yard, you might be wondering why your lawn looks so thin and the birds look so fat. Little did you know that friendly flock of flyers is just waiting on their next free meal.

The easiest and possibly thriftiest solution to protect your grass seed, according to pest control experts, is to buy garden ornaments that will scare the birds away. You can choose non-moving knick-knacks such as owls or snakes, but if the birds are smart, they might figure out these are just decoys. A better option might be to use brightly colored flags or pinwheels, something with a lot of color and movement, which will scare the birds away.

If your local flock seems resistant to the simplicity of this solution, pest control specialists say it might be time to step it up a notch and pull out the big guns – straw mulch, a solid seed covering and a pat down. Try placing the seed under ¼” of soil and patting down with a shovel. Help keep the seed under the dirt and out of the birds’ mouths by camouflaging it with a straw mulch mixture. Birds do not typically eat straw, though they may steal a few pieces for their nests.

If all else fails, pest control professionals suggest loosely covering the seed and ground with a plastic tarp might just do the trick. Avoid this scheme in the summer months, however, when the heat of the plastic will impede seed growth.

Birds do love their seed, but don’t be discouraged. Pest control pros say using one or all of these methods will eventually have your birds flying off to filch someone else’s feed.

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Pest Control Tip: De-Grub Your Lawn

by admin on February 7, 2013

Think grubs are something that happens in other people’s back yards? Think again! Pest control experts estimate that grubs cause more than $ 234 million in damage annually. And those are just the people who actually do something about it.

So what are grubs? Most people are familiar with Japanese beetles. These insects are serious problems for trees. So while your focus may be on protecting your ornamentals, you may not know that you’re also protecting your lawn as well. Grubs are the offspring of Japanese beetles. Before they set up shop in your trees, they lay their eggs underground. The white c-shaped larvae hatch and immediately begin feeding upon the root system of your turf. This feeding can continue for more than a year, and unfortunately it takes about that much time for homeowners to notice the damage. However, by the time damage is noticeable, it’s too late and the turf may need to be replaced completely.

Unfortunately, just being attentive to your lawn won’t discourage an attack of grubs. Healthy, moist lawns are actually ideal for these pests, much in the way healthy heads of hair are ideal for lice on humans. Signs that grubs have already begun to set up shop under your lawn are brown spots and grass that pull away easily from the soil. The eggs hatch in the late summer months, but the damage likely will not appear until the early fall months.

Although you can buy grub control products, it’s best to put it in the hands of a pest control professional because not only will you have to remove the grubs, but the damage to your lawn is irreversible and new grass will have to be laid or planted.

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Get your home ready against pests in any season

January 25, 2013

Each season brings new pests. Some are a threat all year long while others tend to see our homes as protection during inclement weather. Whichever season is approaching, there are step you can and should take at the advent of every season to make sure your home will not be susceptible to pest infestations. Here [...]

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Pest control Tip: Beware of mites!

January 12, 2013

Anytime we spend any appreciable amount of time outdoors, we should be aware of the possibility of bringing home a few new friends with us, including mites. However, the great outdoors isn’t the only place we encounter mites, say pest control experts. These microscopic bugs can be found literally everywhere. These insects have small rounded [...]

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Pest Control Tip: Make Your Garden A No-Feeding Zone For Deer

December 30, 2012

Who doesn’t love watching deer graze in a field? These serene creatures seem harmless enough and while we enjoy watching them do their thing, we just enjoy it more when it is not in our own backyard. According to pest control experts, it is extremely difficult to stop deer from destroying your landscape. They are [...]

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Pest Control: Maybe Roaches Aren’t So Bad?

December 17, 2012

There aren’t many people who like roaches, much less find them useful in any significant way. In fact, most of us would put in an immediate call to our pest control technician. However, these creepy, bacteria-covered bugs might actually be life savers if research scientists have anything to do with it. Researchers are examining whether [...]

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Pest Control Tip: Your outdoor BBQ could be a pest haven

December 4, 2012

The very sight of your grill may inspire a happiness that’s almost incomparable to anything else. Standing in front of your BBQ, basting brush in one hand, cool beverage in the other, feeling the ultimate domination of man over meat. So when spring comes around and you’re chomping at the bit to get your grill [...]

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Pest Control: Fall Check List

November 21, 2012

Many people find the bi-annual daylight savings to be a time to check in on their house to make sure everything is working properly and running smoothly. They may make it a time to inspect their roofing or plumbing, but include smaller tasks such as checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Depending on the part [...]

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Pest Control Tip: Bee Awareness

November 8, 2012

As a population, we are not very fond of bees. They sting and buzz by our ears and chase us when we have something sweet or fragrant in our possession. Many people are even severely allergic to bees, which if the allergy is severe enough, can be potentially fatal. So with that stated, it is [...]

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Pest Control: Mosquitoes

October 26, 2012

Hands down, mosquitoes are probably one of the most annoying pests around. They can turn a perfectly enjoyable evening into an itchy, aggravating event that will deter you from enjoying a warm summer night again. Besides being downright irritating (both mentally and physically), they also could pose a serious health risk. Pest control experts say [...]

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